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birdycunningsly's Journal

26 September
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I'm a native Californian, who is too old to feel this young. I'm an artist. A lost soul. An oddball. A strange mixture of a person who literally won't hurt a fly, named the daddy long legs that lived in the corner or my bathroom, regularly sits on street corners to talk to homeless people about their day and a person who has read Helter Skelter upwards of 30 times because i'm obsessed with the Manson Family. I am known as too talkative and extremely social but most of the time I don't want to leave the house. I have never taken a test in which I have not been a Slytherin, but not because I game the answers because I think it's cool. Because I just am and I refuse to live in a world where that means evil. The most interesting stories are about people with complexity. That is why Snape is unequivocally the best character in the Harry Potter books in my opinion. I will put cheese on anything. I will put multiple types of cheese on anything. Fondue is a food group. My dog and I are like a cartoon couple, people associate us as one entity and he sleeps on next to me under the covers like a teddy bear every night. I was meant for the stage and it's one of the only times I feel truly alive. I like good stories in any format (books, movies, tv, fanfiction) without them mankind would have no purpose. And to conclude I often find myself thinking to myself "If my life wasn't funny, it would just be true" If you don't know that quote I suggest you find the nearest copy of any book by Carrie Fisher and start reading. She's a wonderful writer. That woman is my soulmate. Also if you read all of that congratulations, you are a patient person and you have learned the super awesome bonus fact about me. Your prize, for sticking around, is the knowledge that I ramble sometimes and I talk to much.