Well, Here I Am.

I used to be on Tumbler the last time I felt alone. I was a lurker on online communities, frankly because I've never known where to begin. Well this is my beginning. You can call me Birdy, I am an actor who used to live in LA but despite having every opportunity I couldn't get moving. I eventually broke my ex-girlfriends heart became an alcoholic moved out and back home and now I live with my mother. I don't get out much. But I love to create. It used to be that I worked mostly as an actor, but also as a props master, scenic painter, costume design assistant, technician and stage manager. As a loner up here with out a car I'm trapped in this shell. I wish I was a good creative writer. Tragically, I'm not. I wish I was a good painter or sculper, but my skills lie mostly in creating something whose description exists in a script and is meant to represent something else. That said, I'm really fucking good at what I do. I just don't anymore. So I'm here.